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From an early age, Philip Ward has worked hard to find success as an entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has developed numerous businesses and seen his share of both success and failure. While every entrepreneur faces failure at some point in their career, the best entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and apply this knowledge to the next business endeavor. Currently, Ward’s focus is on Avocados DASA, an organization that imports avocados from Mexico into the United States.

Philip Ward was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Seattle, Washington in 1988 when he was 16 years old. One of Philip’s biggest inspirations for becoming an entrepreneur was his family back in Puerto Rico. As a child, he observed his father, uncles and other family members were self-made, independent, and worked for themselves.

After moving to the United States, Philip Ward wasted no time beginning his entrepreneurial journey. One of his first businesses was a restaurant franchise. For over a decade he ran, managed, and created different concepts in the restaurant industry, owning several restaurants in Washington state.

While he had a good deal of success in the restaurant business, by 2000 Philip was ready for a change. During a trip to Puerto Rico Philip decided that he wanted a new change from the restaurant industry. Although it was a tough decision to make, Ward decided to turn his attention to other industries once he returned to Seattle. The experience taught him an important lesson: a business or industry should never cause you too much stress and irritation. If it becomes too much trouble, then it may be time for a change. The entrepreneur’s ultimate goal should be to create businesses that work for him. Plus, the work should be enjoyable. It should never get to the point where it feels like a burden.


Success as an Entrepreneur

Two of Philip Ward’s biggest influences are Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. He admires their philosophies and outlook toward life and business. Ward believes that a positive attitude is essential to success. Positivity allows the mind to be open which helps one’s creativity. Visualizing the future is another technique that Ward has employed throughout his career. Before you can take any concrete steps, it’s important to visualize every aspect of the business, including the potential roadblocks you might face.

Over the course of his career, Philip Ward has been fortunate to experience a greater number of successes than failures. One important lesson he has learned is that you must be careful when it comes to following your passion. Ward knows from firsthand experience that what you’re passionate about won’t always lead to a successful or enjoyable business. It’s more important to find a service or good that people need and focus on creating a business in that area. Ward also believes that every entrepreneur should be prepared to change or tweak their ideas or their business as time goes on. Oftentimes an entrepreneur has to make many changes to his business along the way. Resistance to change can often result in failure.

At the moment Philip lives in Seattle, Washington. Outside of his career, Ward enjoys spending time with his family, watching his children play sports, cooking, traveling, and visiting new restaurants.

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