It can be extremely tricky to balance your life as an entrepreneur and your life as a parent. On the one hand, you need to be available when your clients are ready to do business while also serving as a great role model for your family. If you are trying to do an entrepreneur and a parent, then consider these tips.


Prioritize Your Life


While you may run into clients who have very little time to talk, most will appreciate the fact that you have a personal life as well. Try to schedule important business meetings during the day when your children are busy anyway. Unless it is truly an emergency, avoid taking phone calls at the dinner table. Your family deserves attention during every day.


Give Up Sleep


It is so important to find time to spend with your family each day that you might want to consider getting up an hour or two earlier. Getting your day off to a great start while everyone else is still snoozing can help build your success as an entrepreneur. If you cannot bring yourself to get up earlier, then consider staying up after everyone else has gone to bed.


Take the Kids to the Office


If you work from home, then find time to bring your kids into the office every day. They will enjoy playing on toy laptops, iPads and other equipment while you work. The few interruptions that they make will be worth it because of the time that you are spending together. On the other hand, find a space that you can work in when you truly need to concentrate or where you can host important business meetings.


Schedule Everything


If you have a spouse or trusted daycare worker, then make sure to keep them in the loop. Using a shared Google calendar is one way that everyone can make sure that their children do not get left behind. Using a calendar also helps you identify important school events, dance and piano recitals and other events that are a priority for you to attend.
Being an entrepreneur and a parent is tough work. The key is to get organized. Consider your family a top priority marking off time to spend with them each day. After all, your children will only be young for a very short while.


*Originally posted on Philip Ward Seattle’s Linkedin.