Who wouldn’t want to skip the workday commute and settle into work from the comfort their own couch? Working from home can create great flexibility and freedom, but productivity can decrease if we take it for granted. Being able to work from home can increase your productivity as long as you know how to manage your day and focus effectively. Here are the top three strategies for staying productive while working from home.


Plan Your Day

It’s tempting to leisurely start your day and go about checking off items from a to-do list at a relaxed pace while working from home. Working from home can decrease your motivation simply because you’re not in an office setting with co-workers to keep you honest. Planning your day either the night before or in the morning is crucial to keeping your productivity high when working from your home office. Creating a to-do list is the simplest form of planning your day; if you tend to lose track of time, try an hour-by-hour breakdown so that you have an idea of what should be done at any given point. Regardless of the method you use to plan, you should make sure that you strategize ahead of time to optimize your productivity.


Time Blocking

It’s easy to get distracted while working from home as the temptation to bounce from one task to another is very high. After all, you don’t have a disapproving manager to stop you from wasting time on Facebook when you should be working. A great way to manage your productivity while working at home is through time blocking. With time blocking, employees dedicate a certain block of time for a particular group of similar tasks. For instance, you might dedicate 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. for working on reports, instead of scattering individual reports across the day with other tasks sprinkled in between. Blocked time forces you to focus on pacing through a block of similar tasks and prevents you from wasting time switching between unrelated projects, thus increasing your overall productive output.


Get Dressed in the Morning

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you can wear pajamas all day. Getting dressed increases productivity because it helps you get out of the relaxation mindset. It also helps remind you throughout the day that you’re in work mode instead of sleep mode. Get dressed just like you would as if you were going to an actual office to keep your motivation and productivity high. Also make sure to do your hair and personal grooming like you would as if you’re going into an office which helps increase your confidence as well.


Working from home can increase your productivity as long as you are intentional with your time. Being mindful of your day will help keep you focused and productive all day long.